Saturday the Second

Today is for chores – the new broom  will be sweeping through the house. The patient is looking well and a bit more sprightly and wants to go to the Mimco shop in High St. The snow bunny sends New Year wishes to all and had a wonderful New Years Eve at a Japanese shrine experiencing something quite different to our celebrations.

Friday the First

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! I am resolutely not making resolutions !!! Who is and what are they ???

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that today is the end of the working week for me, also I am thankful that I have reached the end of the year in one piece as has my family – well more or less anyway ! I will celebrate the New Year with a single glass of champagne with a wonderful friend in St Kilda. I will drop off the patient for a short celebration  with friends and then we will both retire early. I also certainly don’t want the jumbo cocoa pop wandering the back yard in fear of fireworks so best get home early-ish and bring her inside. I am unsure what will happen in Japan but will skype with the snow bunny later today. So please stay tuned for the next installment !

Update on Wednesday’s children

The snow bunny in Japan had her day off and her present arrived from me so she got to open up her Xmas stocking on skype and the patient has lain low all day but rallied slightly to play some Wii. The snow bunny saw some type of weasel/fox/martin thingy last night cross the car park. Given that she lives on the 4th floor who knows actually what is was – she insists it had apricot coloured fur !!

Wednesday’s child is full of woe.

The patient has such a bad virus – can hardly talk – on top of everything else. I feel very bad for her but there is little I can do except the usual. I had a short skype  last night with my snow bunny in Japan. She was looking forward to a trip to the supermarket to break the monotony. I can so relate to that !!!

Tues, back to work

I was happy to go back to work today and the morning passed pretty fast. I do enjoy the company of my co workers and I suppose this really is a privilege as so many people are unhappy in their place of work. I sent off a few parcels of goods sold on Ebay and brought home cushions to sell for my friend Fran. I am unsure when the best time is to put cushions on Ebay – possibly not now with so many sales on everywhere. Anyway I will have to put some thought into that this afternoon along with what to cook the patient for dinner.


2010 diary bought on ebay !!!

Sunday, no it’s Monday

After a row of public holidays I am a bit disorientated it would seem. Nice though to have one more slow start to the day as I will be at work by 0830 tomorrow. It will be fine once I get there as it will be busy. Must get to gym at 0930 today for a kettlebell class – that will be a very unpleasant 45 minutes. I had better make some inroads too on putting away the Xmas decs till next year .

Just trying this bit out to see if it works OK !!!

I am having trouble working out where to write and where a heading goes and if you need one at all.

Difficulties !

I wish I could work out this Widgety thing !!